Halifax Port Authority Underwater Noise Strategy & Educational Materials

luuceo worked with the Halifax Port Authority (HPA) to assess and improve the Port’s strategy and approach when it comes to underwater noise considerations in the Halifax Harbour and its approaches. As HPA is a member of Green Marine, we used the Green Marine’s Underwater Noise performance indicator as best practice to guide this work. Green Marine is an environmental certification program for the North American marine industry. It is a voluntary, transparent, and inclusive initiative that addresses key environmental issues through its 13 performance indicators. We reviewed HPA’s current performance under the Green Marine Underwater Noise indicator, researched best practices employed by other ports, and engaged with relevant stakeholders (including academics, researchers, specialists, and government). Based on the information we gathered, we developed educational materials that include how to report marine mammal sightings, species to look out for in the Halifax Harbour and its approaches, the impacts of underwater noise on marine mammals, and best practices to mitigate the impacts of underwater noise on marine mammals.

luuceo are very creative and provide value added support that separates them from traditional consultants.

Christopher MacDonald

Environmental Manager, Halifax Port Authority