Sustainability Advisory Services

Leading organizational evolution

Sustainability is a broad topic, which is why we are generalists and adaptable. If you aren’t quite sure what services you require, we will help you figure that out. We will work with you to understand what sustainability topics are important to your organization, come up with actionable strategies, and support you implement change. This can be through guidelines and policies development, determine the best frameworks for your organization to work with, or assessing your organization to determine if there are any clear areas for improvement.  We can also represent your organization, to ensure the services you’ve hired others for are meeting your standards.
Guideline & Policy Development

Aimed at supporting the organization’s mission, vision, values and culture, developing guidelines and policies that embody emerging sustainability goals will get your organization on the right track and align all employees with the overall business or departmental strategy. Our approach builds alignment, creates high quality strategies and plans, and lays the foundation for ensuring disciplined follow through and results. 

Materiality Assessments

Materiality Assessments are an approach to determining what is important, or material, to an organization and its leadership and employees. After the sustainability goals and objectives have been set and prioritized, it is important to create indicators for tracking their successful achievement, as it would be for any strategic planning exercise. If effort is going to be put into the planning process, it is incredibly important to know whether that effort is being tracked, reported on and if progress is being made.

Owner’s Representative

As organizations develop their sustainability focus, our team can act as an Owner’s Representative to collaborate with internal departments, contractors and project teams using our expertise to enhance sustainability features in a project’s development.

Sustainable Procurement Advisory

Using innovative materials and waste strategies in organizations and on projects can have a profound impact on achieving sustainability goals. We can guide the process of identifying opportunities and suppliers for opportunities to reuse and recycle existing materials, use sustainable materials, and plan for end-of-life considerations of project supplies.

Sustainability Advisory Areas
The Sustainability Umbrella

With the many areas in an organization that can be affected by sustainable practices, the options can be overwhelming. Standing back to see all of the opportunities at a high level that align with a corporation’s values can help guide the conversation and priorities.

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